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Welcome Back!

Dear Lamont Elementary Families,

I know that everyone is curious and apprehensive about the upcoming school year - what it is going to look like at Lamont Elementary and how we will be keeping everyone as safe as possible. We recognize that the decision to send your children back to school or keep them home was difficult and that the decision you’ve made is what you feel is in the best interest of your children.

Please continue to check out the most current version of the EIPS School Re-entry Plan and the new Parent FAQ document to ensure that you have the most up to date information about re-entry plans in Elk Island. That plan will give you the general overview and protocols that every school in Elk Island will follow.

Parents will play a crucial role in ensuring everyone’s safety and minimize any potential outbreak at the school. Some of the key elements of your role will be:

  • Doing the pre-screen with your children every morning
  • Keeping children home if they show any signs or symptoms of illness
  • Sending everything your child needs with them to school each day
    • Supplies, lunch, masks, etc...
  • Having up-to-date Emergency Contacts on file who are available to pick up your children within an hour if you cannot
  • Practicing social distancing, mask use, proper hand washing and respiratory etiquette with your children before school starts


As you’re aware, all students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 must wear masks on school property at all times. We would ask that you send two clean masks to school every day with your child. You may want to put clean, unworn masks in a ziploc bag or a container before use. Lanyards can be used for students to keep their masks on, but they must have the breakaway feature. Government provided masks for students will be issued when students come to school during the first week of staggered entry. Please ensure you label your child’s masks.

Cohorting Students

Students will be cohorted based upon classes that were developed by teachers in June. Cohorting students will be one of our main strategies to protect students and staff in the building and contain any potential outbreaks. Class sizes will vary depending on the grade and the number of students who will be participating in out-of-school learning to start the year. We will have staggered entry, recesses and exits to minimize any contact between cohorts. Students will be expected to remain in their classrooms during class time. 

Arrival/Departure at School

When students arrive at school, they must proceed directly to their designated line up area and wait until their entrance time. (see linked map) Classes will be dismissed in these same groups at the end of the day at different times (staggered exit). When leaving the school, students must proceed directly to the bus, their parent’s vehicle or off of school grounds. For both before and after school, PLAYGROUND USE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED, even with parent supervision. Late students must enter through the main doors and proceed to the office for a late slip, unaccompanied by an adult. 

Visitors & Volunteers

At this time, non-essential visitors, volunteers or parents are not permitted in the school without an appointment. To make an appointment, contact the school directly. Appointments should be made only when essential, including dropping off items for your child. If permission is granted and an appointment is made, the visitor or parent must complete the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. If any of the answers to the questions are “YES,” do not enter the school. Similarly, if you’re feeling unwell or have COVID-19 symptoms, do not enter the school. After entering, sanitize your hands, sign the visitor log at the main office and wait for further instruction from school administration. Wearing a non-medical mask or face-covering is mandatory. 

Daily Supplies

Before sending your child to school, please ensure they have all supplies they will need, particularly their lunch, water bottle and masks. Because we cannot have communal school supplies this year, students will be storing all of their supplies in their desks and lockers. Teachers will contact you when supplies start to get low. You may want to consider having some extra supplies (especially pencils) on hand at home. Our school supply lists can be found on our school website. We have also added in the recommended school supplies from the EIPS School Re-Entry Plan (page 13), specifically tissues, masks and a labeled water bottle. Please do not send personal hand sanitizer to school with your children.


Please send lunch items that students can open easily by themselves to minimize the need for close contact between students and staff. Please do not send any shared snacks for special days (ie: birthday snacks for the class). Our School Nutrition Program will be continuing this year. Staff will be following Alberta Health Services regulations for food preparation and serving. More information will be coming soon about ordering for September. 

Music, Physical Education, Library and Ukrainian Option

Because both the music room and library are carpeted, shared spaces, we will be unable to use them while current restrictions are in place. Music classes will take place in each classroom. Students will be able to reserve books from our library and have them delivered to their classrooms through our regular library system. Upon being returned, books will be kept out of circulation for 72 hours to ensure no transmission can take place. The gym will still be available for use by classes, but any shared equipment will be sanitized between users. At this time, we are not able to offer the Ukrainian Option class as we need to keep students with their cohorts throughout the school day. We will revisit this later in the year.

Out-of-School Learning

If you have chosen out-of-school learning, teachers will be in touch with you once the school year has started. Units will be loaded into our Brightspace Learning Management System for parents and/or students to access materials. Once completed, the units can be submitted for assessment and feedback. More information can be found on page 27 of the EIPS School Re-entry Plan.

Staggered Entry - Week of September 1st

To help students acclimatize to school we will be having a staggered entry for all students during the week of September 1st. Please only send your children to school on their designated day.

September 1 Full Day Grades 5 & 6 only

September 2 Full Day Grades 3 & 4 only

September 3 Full Day Grades 1 & 2 only 

September 4 Full Day All students Grades 1-6

Kindergarten parents will follow the same staggered entry schedule that was sent out in June. 

August 28th Parent Communication 

On Friday, August 28th, every parent will receive an email from their child’s classroom teacher. You will find out which class your child(ren) will be in, as well as confirm the entrance they will be using, their daily schedule and their staggered entry date.

Please continue to check the Elk Island Public Schools and Lamont Elementary websites for updates and the most current information about school re-entry.

If you have any questions, please email me directly ( or call 780-895-2269 during regular business hours.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon!

Kari Huk

Principal, Lamont Elementary School

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