EIPS Young Author's Conference 2018

Young Author's Attendees - but where is Dylan?

Mary Jo and Story Writing

In one of the author sessions, Cathy Jessup  told us that when making a good story beginning do not use the words “one” or “once”.  My favorite part was planning the story and writing the story and then at the end of the day the best part was shopping for books from the authors but the line ups were too long to have them sign the books.

Brooke Matthews enjoyed listening to the stories

I enjoyed my session with, Judith Graves because she told us some awesome stories about her dog and showed a video about a squirrel carrying a nut that had a go-pro camera.  I also learned more about drawing from Gary Delainey.

Taylor Fossum - Finding story ideas

I went to a session with author Rita Feutl.  She told us a story about finding a box on her front step and inside there were objects from the future and she had to take care of them.  We have to write a story about one of the objects in the box.   I also really liked the cartooning session by Gary Delainey

Found him! He was busy buying books.

Violet Stahn

Gary Delainey was also my favorite because he showed us how you can make anything out of just a squiggle.  He gave us lots of tips and then let us draw.

Dylan learning about creating Graphic Novels

The best part of the YAC was my session with Gary Delainey.  He taught us how to draw new cartoon characters in under 30 seconds. Mike Boldt was good too, he showed us how to proportion our panels in our comic strips.