Book Swap Schedule

January 14 - 24 – Book Collection

            Books will be collected each morning recess from classrooms by Library Leaders.  Students who have books for the book swap should wait until a Library Leader has arrived in their classroom to collect the books and tally the number on a class list.  Each student may bring in 3 books to exchange, if additional books are brought in they will be considered a donation and will allow students who do not have books to exchange to participate

Book Criteria- Students are asked to receive parental approval for all books brought to the Book Swap

· Books must be appropriate for grades Kindergarten to Grade 6 only

· Books must be in gently used condition: cover on, no rips, tears, or bent edges

· Books with coloring or writing in them or discarded Library books will not be accepted

· Coloring books, activity books, and sticker books will not be accepted


  Week of January 28 - 31 Book Swap

            Books will be displayed on tables in the Library

            Students are given tickets for the number of books they brought

Books will be sorted into categories:

                        Picture books

                        Early Chapter Books

                        Chapter Books

                        Non Fiction Books

Please contact Mrs. Wisselink if you have any further questions

Write a Book Review

  • Use the above search bar to take you to Destiny Discover and the library catalogue.  Enter a search word.
  • Log in to Destiny Discover - look for Log-In on the top right hand corner, click to log-in
  • Your user name is your FirstnameLastname - with no space and capitals on the first letter of your names
  • Your password is the last 4 numbers of your student number
  • Once you are logged in, do a search for a favorite book that you have read
  • Click on the book to bring you to the book's description
  • Click on Add a review and choose stars
  • The review must have three complete sentences describing the book, a character, something that happened in the story, or how the story made you feel and why
  • Be sure to save your review!



Why we should Read Aloud to our children

This is a great video about why we should all be reading aloud to our children.

Need Information?

1.  Go to the Learn Alberta Website

2.  Choose Online Reference Center from tab choices at top of the page

3.  Sign in with      

Username:  LA15               

Password:  3950

4.  Click on one of the many resources listed



Taking Care of Our Books

1. Find a safe place for your library book - but don't forget where it is!

2.  Keep your books dry - especially watch out for those leaky water bottles in your backpack

3.  Keep your books away from small children and pets

4.  Keep your books clean and away from sticky foods

5.  Please do not draw on or rip pages in your library book