Read, Return, Repeat


  1. If the library books are not returned on the due date, a small reminder slip will be sent home, this slip is usually attached to your child’s agenda.  This is simply a reminder not a charge for a lost book.
  2. If the library books have not been returned after 4 weeks from when the book was due, a note will be sent home to parents requesting help in finding the book.
  3. After a week the letter will be followed by a phone call to ensure parents are aware of the outstanding library book.
  4. If the book has not been returned after 6 weeks a letter will be sent, requesting parents/students to reimburse the school for the cost of the book.
  5. At the end of the year any outstanding library fines will be added to the school fees for the coming year.
  6. Unfortunately, if the lost book has been paid for and then found the following year, we can not reimburse the fee that has already been paid.