Welcome Back 2018- 2019


Our Nut Free

Allergy Aware School

August 31, 2018



Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another school year. I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful summer! This is the first classroom newsletter. You will receive a monthly newsletter highlighting the important classroom events, dates, celebrations, and topics we are working on in Language Arts, Math, Social, and Science.

Please take the time to read this letter. Please feel free to call me at the school if you have any questions. I am generally there from 8:00 to 3:45. You may also correspond with me through your child's homework book on a daily basis.

School doors will be open at 8:32. Classes begin at 8:45; students should be in the room at 8:40 preparing for the day.

Homework Books

Homework books were handed out today. This is a very important tool for teaching your child organization and responsibility. They will be responsible for copying down all assignments, messages and reminders on a daily basis. Students must take this book home every day and return it every morning. Please initial every day to show you have checked the messages. Thank you for your cooperation.


I expect students to complete homework as assigned. However, if a prior or unexpected commitment interferes with homework completion, please indicate in the homework book, and your child should complete it for the next day. If assignments are not finished and a note has not been sent, students will be signed into the library at recess to work on missed assignments. A note will be written into the homework book informing you about the incomplete assignment.

 Super Student of the Week

Every week we will have a "Super Student" of the week. Randomly chosen, each child will have an opportunity to be the Super Student at some point in the year. One student is chosen as the Super Student and this allows this child to bring pictures of them, their family, pets, etc. to share on the bulletin board. (You may label a brief description if you like.) Students may also share any other achievements such as badges, ribbons, pictures in the newspaper, favourite books or toys, etc. The Super Student is our leader, monitor, helper, special person, etc. for that week!



Please find attached a copy of the correct printing and writing of letters. Use this guide at home to help your child. We will practice handwriting on a regular basis. After the initial review of the handwriting letters, students will be expected to hand write in all their classes.


Math Basic Facts

In Math, we will review basic facts of addition and subtraction to 18 and multiplication and division facts to 81. Help at home with any manipulative such as bottle caps, bingo disks, etc. or flashcards would greatly benefit any child having difficulty remembering these facts. Repetition and regular practice are essential for your child's success. Please work on these 5 minutes daily if your child is having difficulty with these.



Reading with your child has proven to be very valuable. Make time to spend 15 minutes every day to read to them or have them read to you.


Discipline Plan

Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for academic growth. On the following page you will find a copy of our Classroom Behaviour Expectations and Student Responsibilities along with our discipline plan that will be in effect at all times.


Important Reminder 

Just a reminder, our school is peanut and nut aware, please check all food before sending it to school. Thank you for your cooperation.

 Upcoming Events

Early Dismissal – Wednesday @ 2:08

Meet the Staff – Thursday, September 13th (5-7)


Classroom Behaviour Expectations

  1. No put downs.
  2. Listen when someone is talking.
  3. Hand up to talk.
  4. Be honest at all times.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Be seated.
  2. Be quiet.
  3. Be ready.
  4. Complete all work.



Classroom Discipline Guidelines

Step 1 - Two verbal reminders identifying the unacceptable behaviour.

Step 2 - Students name is written on the board.

Step 3 - 5 to 10 minute in class time-out during recess or class time.

Step 4 - If steps 1-3 are repeated in a day or 3 times in a week, parents are contacted.

Step 5 - Student/teacher conference, out of class time-out for 15-30 minutes.

Step 6 - Referral to administration or counsellor.


Thank you for taking the time to read this note. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Our goals are ultimately the same, "We both want the best for your child." Together, as a team, parents and school staff are partners in education, we can make the difference this year. Good Luck! Have a Great Year!




Ms. Carol Mulholland