Ignite the Leader Within

Ignite the Leader Within

Lamont Elementary School is a school that promotes student leadership. We believe that every student is a leader. 

Student Leadership

At Lamont Elementary, we are happy to offer a wide variety of leadership opportunities for students to become more involved in the school community. We are running the following groups this year:

  • Office Helpers- Office Helpers are Grade 5/6 students who help manage the office duties at break times (like lunch and recess). They answer phones, take messages and help students who need assistance at the office and welcome guests. Mrs. Motiuk supervises these leaders.
  • Ignition Team- Ignition is the student leadership team and is open to students in Grade 5/6. They plan and organize theme days, school-wide activities and help with assemblies. Miss Sereda supervises these leaders.
  • Library Helpers- Library Helpers is a program for students in Grades 5/6 who want to encourage a love of reading and assist with events in the library. Their tasks include creating bulletin boards, helping to organize the library, helping with library events (like puppet shows, reading to younger students) and encouraging their peers to enjoy reading. Mrs. Wisselink supervises these leaders.
  • LNN- The Lamont News Network (LNN) is open to students in Grade 5/6 who what to help deliver school news to our students, staff, and community. They can be in front of the camera, as news anchors, or behind the camera, as camera operators, directors or stage crews. Mrs. Calder and Mrs. A. Kelly supervise these leaders.
  • Spirit Buddies- Spirit Buddies is our Grade 3/4 leadership group. The purpose of this group is to spread kindness and happiness to others in the school and community. Tasks include monthly acts of kindness (card making, baking, shoveling, etc.). Miss Sereda supervises these leaders.
  • Nitro- Nitro is the intramural leadership group for students in Grade 5-6. Their tasks include preparing equipment for intramurals, reffing/scorekeeping and clean-up of equipment. Mr. Robertson and Ms. A. Kelly supervise these leaders.
  • Art/Flex Room Fairies- Art Room and Flex Room Fairies are Grade 3/4 students who volunteered to organize and manage those two rooms in our school. They will be responsible for meeting once a month to organize materials, take inventory as needed and beautify the space. Mr. Robertson and Mrs. Anderson supervise these leaders.
  • Lunch Helpers- Lunch Helpers are a group of Grade 5/6 students who volunteered to help the Kindergarten class at lunchtime. Their tasks would include helping to open packaging, helping with hand washing routine and getting to know the younger students. Miss Sereda and Mrs. Dziwenko supervise these leaders.
  • Patrollers- Patrollers are a group of Grade 5/6 students who were chosen to help our students at Lamont Elementary cross the street safely before and after school. Mrs. Richert and Mrs. Marks supervise these leaders.

Our motto is:

"Ignite the Leader Within"